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Christian Liberty Academy Tuition

Tuition Schedule: Payment Plans include 10 month (Aug to May) Semester Aug and Jan or Annual Aug. All payments are due on the 15th of the month.

Multiple Student discount: 1st student is full price; 2nd student is 30% off; 3rd student is 40% off; and 4 or more students are 50% off. Highest priced child is the first student. Preschool is not included in sibling discount.

Age Criteria: All students must be the appropriate age by Oct 1st. For example, your child must be 4 years old by Oct 1st to be in Junior Kindergarten, 5 years old by Oct 1st for Senior Kindergarten and 6 years old by Oct 1st for 1st grade.

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“The teachers at CLA not only educated me academically, but they also cared for my soul and pointed me to the greatest instruction – following Christ. I was well-prepared for college and the workforce. They taught me to think independently and applying my faith in Christ to the daily challenges that I faced.” – Nevair Singleton, CLA Alumn

Why Christian Liberty Academy

  Your child spends 8 hours a day in school, where they are influenced and shaped by the worldview of their teachers, peers, and curriculum. This is a formative and impactful season in your child’s life. Who will you choose to be the influence in your child’s life, 8 hours each day x 12 years = 18,000 hours. What impact will they have on them and will it be worth it? At CLA, we want to partner with you, the parent and work together to give your child the tools they will need to succeed in college and life, to pursue their calling with confidence, and to have a foundation built on Biblical truth.  

Tuition Assistance

  We know that many parents wonder if they can send their child to private school. We offer many ways to save to make our distinctly Christian education affordable. Please see our Tuition Discount Programs page for details. Our Finance Secretary is here to answer any questions you may have and to help you through this process. Please email finance@christianliberty.com or call 847-385-2016 for assistance. Or click here to apply now.
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