Christian Liberty Academy

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Christian Liberty is a Christ-centered school that unites with parents to educate and train students to think critically through a strong academic curriculum, built on the foundation of Biblical truth, in order to prepare students to influence the world "For the Greater Glory of God." 


By the grace of God, when students leave Christian Liberty Academy to pursue their calling, they will be biblically rooted by loving God and obeying His word. They will be academically prepared to think critically and excel through wisdom and knowledge. They will be salt and light, influencing their place in the world "For the Greater Glory of God."


  "Thank you to everyone that has made me the man I am today. From philosophy class to Calculus, all the teachers, directors, and staff have been remarkable influences in my life. For that I am thankful."
Tyler Soy  - 2016 Alumni 

"I want to thank all of the CLA teachers for always teaching their students with Christian character and love. The passion for what they do shows in their teachings and actions. They are not just there as a teachers, but also as someone who is approachable and willing to help and give good Christian advice."
Sam Lopez 2015 Alumni 

"I would like to thank the teachers of CLA for the education and instruction I have received. I feel prepared for college and whatever the world may throw at me, especially attacks on my Christianity."
David Olsen - 2015 Alumni

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