Christian Liberty Academy

Dress Code

Christian Liberty Academy does not require or encourage a uniform dress. Students, however should not be dressed dishonorably. Scripture does encourage all individuals to dress modestly and in a way that reflects the moral standards found in the Word of God. It is important to point out that part of our dress code is not based entirely on any particular moral principle, but it is focused upon promoting a professional and dignified learning environment that honors the Lord.


    1. Shirts must be tucked in if they do not have a squared hem.
    2. Shirts must be collared. CLA T-shirts are allowed.
    3. Shirts (if untucked) must overlap pants by no more than 6 inches.
    4. Pants must be worn at the waist.
    5. No earrings or any other body piercings are permitted.
    6. Hair must not be long enough to extend over the ears or shirt collar and must not be conspicuously sloppy.
    7. No sleeveless shirts or tank tops.



    1. Bra straps and backs must be covered.
    2. Low and revealing necklines are prohibited.
    3. Shirts may not be sheer or lace or see-through.
    4. Girls may wear earrings.
    5. Girls may wear slacks, skirts, or dresses.
    6. Skirts and dresses including slits should be no higher than 3 inches above the knee. 
    7. Leggings or jeggings may not be worn as pants. They may be worn under a dress-code appropriate skirt.
    8. All shirts must extend below the waist of the student and the waistband of the slacks or skirt. If a student’s midsection can be seen at any time, the shirt should not be worn to school. When you raise one hand above your head, if your midsection can be seen, the shirt is too short. When bending or sitting, if your midsection is exposed or your chest is visible, the shirt should not be worn for school. 
    9. No sleeveless shirts or tank tops.

All Students

    1. No exposed skin/underwear at the waistline.
    2. No flip flops (October - April).
    3. No one may wear hats during the school day.
    4. No blue jeans, shorts or sweatpants. Pants must be of a single color.
    5. No writing or pictures on any shirts; this includes name brands. Small logos (i.e the size of a quarter) are acceptable.
    6. Visible body piercings and tattoos are prohibited on campus (this includes nose rings).
    7. No excessively tight clothing.
    8. Hoodies/sweatshirts may only be worn over proper attire and must be CLA wear or have no logos/writing on them.
    9. Sweats or sweat style clothing is not acceptable in any fabric such as terry, velour or velvet, etc
    10. Official school sports attire may be worn by athlete’s on game day’s only (with coach’s permission). You may not substitute personal clothing items that are similar to your sports attire. Cheerleaders may only wear their cheerleading tops on game days.

Please remember you are representing CLA at all extracurricular events as well. We expect you to behave in a Christian manner and maintain a respectable dress code at CLA sporting venues, SLAM events, and at all other times you will be recognized as CLA students. We pray that you would maintain this godly representation in the rest of your life as well.

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