Christian Liberty Academy

Biblical Worldview Curriculum


All math classes are taught from the perspective of math being a tool that allows our students to become educated and insightful managers of what God has entrusted to them. Whether they go on to study business, finance, architecture, or anything in the arts, math plays a major role in in how we live, save, and invest in God’s Kingdom. The order and patterns of mathematics are taught with this Biblical perspective in all grades.


At CLA we value our English classes in that it is the chosen medium through which God speaks to us. We value that our students are capable of writing and communicating in a way that will allow them to be persuasive in their professional lives, and great communicators with their testimonies. Reading comprehension is a central, and strong foundational component in the primary grades at CLA, and continues throughout high school.


In our science curriculum, we discover the intricacies and order as seen in creation following the Truth written in Romans 1:20. From simple observations of nature in the elementary grades to deeper scientific study, the Creation account and Gospel centered message is integrated into all scientific study at CLA.


We believe that there is an arc to history and that we can have insight into where we are going as a people, by understanding where we have been. Not only do we focus on the progression of humanity throughout history, but also parallel that to the expanse of God’s Kingdom throughout history.


Epistemologically Self-Conscious is a goal for our students. Knowing what they believe and why they believe it, against what they don’t believe and why they don’t believe it. Elementary Bible classes through high school philosophy classes are all based on the authoritative Word of God.


CLA has multiple electives that are offered to allow students to test their interests and discover what other interests and gifts they have. Our electives function to create a space where students can discover God-given talents in music, shop, and the arts.

Student Life:

Student relationships built are strong. SLAM events (Student-lead Activities Monthly) Bonfires, Progressive Dinner, Senior Hunt, Homecoming Dance, Turnabout, Banquet, Witness for Life, Athletics. All of these play a major role in the development of friendships and allowing students to, through friendships, experience a community of friends and faculty that are for them and their Spiritual maturity.

Spiritual Growth:

Not only do we stress academic excellence, but “we partner with parents to train disciples”. Spiritual growth is something that teachers are equally passionate about in addition to academics. This is often the focus of meeting with our school Chaplain as well as teachers that provide guidance and support for our students as they walk in faith.

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