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There are two ways to contact Christian Liberty Academy Faculty & Staff members:

To leave a voicemail:  dial direct   847 - 385 -  + extension number

Emails: to make sure a teacher opens your email, please put your name in the subject area of your email (or "parent of ..." and your child's name, if your names are different). For virus protection, teachers may not open emails from addresses or names they do not recognize.

Please do not send urgent information by email - Please call the school office instead.


Administration email:  

Dr. Philip Bennett Superintendent of Schools / School Board 2012

Mr. Thad Bennett Headmaster / School Board 2012
Pastor Calvin Lindstrom Pastor of the Church of Christian Liberty 2003
 Leslie Cornwell  Guidance Counselor  2023
Mrs. Donna Morrison Guidance Counselor 2019
Mr. Peter Held Dean of Academics 2150  
Board of Elders Pastor Calvin Lindstrom 2003


Day School Office Staff

Day School Office email:     and    

Mrs. Tonya Aiello Finances 2016
Mrs. Mary Beth Horstman Secretary 2012
Mrs. Nancy Kramer, R.N. School Nurse 2014  
or nurse   
Mrs. Jeanette Fortner Registrar 2011  



Mrs. Jennifer Adams 3rd Grade Teacher 2087
Mr. Tim Almy Lunch Program / Culinary Arts Teacher 2071
Mrs. Rebecca Baer Junior Kindergarten Teacher 2114
Mr. Doug Baldwin High School Philosophy Teacher, School Board 2089
Mr. Jed Bennett Athletic Director 2027
Miss Amber Bennett Speech, Literature; AP Literature 2090
Mr. Kurt Bennett Economics; Constitution; Woodshop 2066
Mrs. Dina Bentz Preschool Teacher 2081
Mr. John Benz Bible; Philosophy; Chapel 2051
Mrs. Michelle Berndt 6th grade Math; Pre-Algebra; Algebra 1; Geometry 2147  
Mrs. Daisy de la Pena Preschool Teacher 2081
Mrs. Meredith DeRidder Kindergarten Bible Teacher  
Mrs. Christine Edmonds 1st Grade Teacher 2136
Mr. Andrew Forsythe Junior High History 2112
Mrs. Maria Flores Senior Kindergarten 2 Teacher 2101
Mrs. Cindy Gafrick Junior Kindergarten Teacher 2103
Mrs. Shiny George AP Biology; Biology; High School Chemistry 2094  
Mrs. Veronica Gonzalez Preschool Teacher 2081
Mr. Peter Held Music Director 2150
Mrs. Sun Hee Im Preschool Teacher 2081
Mrs. Sunny Kim Junior Kindergarten Teacher 2108
Mrs. Tina Kleinke 1st Grade Teacher 2109
Mr. Paul Kostelny High School Ancient, U.S., & European History Teacher; School Board 2110
Mrs. Gretchen Kramer Preschool Teacher 2081
Mr. Paul Kramer Auto Shop Teacher 2065
Mrs. Sherry Kurz Preschool Director & Teacher 2081
Mrs. Ann Kwiatkowski High School French Teacher 2113
Mrs. Joyce Lee Preschool Teacher's Aide 2081
Mrs. Margaret Manahan 4th Grade Teacher 2115
Mrs. Jennifer Meyers 5th Grade Teacher 2120
Mrs. Michelle Mindak Preschool Teacher's Aide 2081
Mrs. Missy Monasterio Kindergarten Activity Program Director 2072
Mrs. Donna Morrison Algebra 1 & Guidance Counselor 2119
Mrs. Tracee Patterson 7th Grade Language Arts  
Mrs. Lena Pittman Senior Kindergarten 1 Teacher 2088
Mrs. Carmen Rosado Spanish Teacher 2127
Mr. Joseph Rowland Boys' P.E. Teacher; Consumer Math Teacher 2017
Mrs. Sharon Rubel Kindergarten Bible; Drama Jr.; High School Sewing 2129
Mrs. Charlene Ruta Senior Kindergarten 2 Teacher 2130
Mrs. Natalie Salsgiver Girls' P.E.; Sr. High Athletic Director 2131
Mr. Dan Schustek 4th Grade Teacher; High School Dynamics of Fitness Teacher 2134
Mrs. Josie Sherwell Junior Kindergarten Teacher 2138
Mrs. Laura Sicilian Elementary School Bible Teacher 2139
Mrs. Judy Smith Associate Art Teacher 2142
Mrs. Kathleen Somers Mathematics Teacher 2093
Mr. Luke Spradley Band director and Physics Teacher  
Miss Amanda Spenner 8th-12th Grades Literature Teacher 2143
Mr. Bob Stack Physical Science; 6th-8th Grades Science Teacher 2144
Mrs. Annie Vazquez 2nd Grade 2111
Mrs. Anne Walton Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Specialty Music  
Mrs. Lissette Wolke 2nd Grade Teacher 2098
Mrs. Kathy Wouters Preschool Teacher 2081
Mr. Victor Yang Computer Teacher 2092


Other Numbers

Title / NameTitle / NameExt.Email
Athletic Department  Mr. Jed Bennett 2027
Preschool Office Mrs. Sherry Kurz, Director 2081
Security Mr. David Berquist 2010
Mrs. Barbara Forsythe Librarian 2073
Miss Amber Bennett Librarian 2073
Mrs. Isabel Bennett Librarian 2073
Webmaster webmaster  


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