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Seussical, a family-friendly musical, comes to you narrated by the one and only Cat in the Hat. He'll tell you the story of Horton the elephant from the Jungle of Nool who tries to save Whoville, a whole town so tiny it sits on a speck of dust. When the other jungle animals accuse Horton of being crazy for protecting a dust speck, the audience may wonder if anyone will be willing to stick up for Horton. With appearances by your favorite Dr. Seuss characters including the Grinch, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Gertrude McFuzz, Yertle the Turtle, and more, this show is sure to capture anyone's imagination.


Oliver! is based on the novel, Oliver Twist, written by Charles Dickens. Oliver was born on the steps of an 1800s English orphanage where his mother promptly died, leaving Oliver to grow up under the stern watch of the workhouse overseers Widow Corney and Mr. Bumble. Through a series of discouraging events, Oliver finds himself running away to London where he meets the Artful Dodger, a street-wise urchin who brings the new boy home with him. Home, for Dodger and soon for Oliver, is the Thieves' Kitchen, a rundown London building from which the famed Fagin runs a gang of street thieves. Oliver enjoys the kindness of Fagin and the boys but is soon caught up in their thievery. When Oliver gets arrested for committing a crime he didn't commit, Fagin, along with his partners—Bill Sykes and Nancy—insist on bringing him back before he can tell the police (or Mr. Brownlow the kindly gentleman who has taken an interest in Oliver's case) anything about the gang….

This musical is filled with fun music, both upbeat and dramatic. The music is also catchy and is sure to leave you singing on the way home. Families are welcome, although parents with small children should note that a main character does die in the show. Forty-three students are involved in this production, and we all hope to see you there!    

Murder by the Book

"The pen is mightier than the sword." Or is it? Gathered to decide on the world's best and worst murder mysteries of the year, the Raven Society hardly expects a murder in its midst. When faced with a threat to their lives, will the secluded society members band together and solve the mystery? Or will the murderer prevail, ending the Raven Society once and for all?





You can now see videos and photos from the Robin Hood show. Thank you for supporting Christian Liberty Academy Drama! 



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