Christian Liberty Academy

Fine Arts & Drama

Fine Arts Department


The Fine Arts Department offers many opportunities for students to be involved in music, theater, and art. We strongly encourage students to take part in these activities.

All students have the opportunity to sing in different choirs. Kindergarten students sing in our Thanksgiving and Graduation Programs. All 1st-6th grades students take part in a Christmas Program and a Spring Program. Students who are especially interested in music can be part of the Junior Liberty Choir.

Students in 7th-12th grade have the opportunity to participate in the Liberty Choir and sing at a Christmas Program, Spring Concert, and Graduation Service. CLA's Drama clubs produce several plays each year involving elementary/middle school as well as high school students.

All students have access to a large and well-equipped Art room. Students receive training from three of our accomplished and excellent teachers. There is an annual art show and permanent gallery displaying art from both students and teachers.




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