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Parents' Testimonials - 2

This is my second year sending my children to CLA. My daughter is in 8th grade and my son is in 3rd. They had been in Chicago Public Schools until now. One of the things that have impacted my Christian Life more is to read the Science textbooks with my 8th grader while helping her with homework. I've learned how to compare science with faith, I have read how C.S. Lewis describes the perfect balance between the scientific world and Christianity...

Her science books teach how the cosmos at every level shows a perfect order and rationality that can be only explained by a "deliberate, creative act of God". All of my son's books also refer to God and the creation.

I give these few samples to show how just doing homework with my children have helped my grow in the knowledge of the Christian worldview that I want my family to adgere to.

I also want to comment on the teachers. My son is an intelligent boy that gets in trouble almost every day. He gets notes home weekly. I have seen how patient is his teacher, Mrs K. I know that she prays for my son as well as the other students in the classroom. I know that because she shows grace, compassion and she doesn't get upset with him. She cares so much for him. This attitude can only come from God and a dedicated teacher that serves the Lord first.

I thank God everyday because He helped my find CLA. All, the teachers, the Biblical education, the academic level and the school facilities make CLA a great school. I dont mind driving more than an hour to school everyday. I love CLA."

--Laura Zarate-Miller, Chicago--


We became Christians in 1998. At the time, we lived in the North Shore, and my kids attended the area's public schools. We had some friends whose children attended CLA. We felt compelled to have our children attend a Christian school, but with 2 kids with different schedules and for other reasons, living in the North Shore and traveling to Arlington Heights at least twice daily was not a good option. Very quickly, during the summer of 1999, we enrolled our children in CLA, sold our house and moved to Arlington heights. Back then, one of them started his sophomore year and the youngest one - third grade. Since then, the oldest one graduated from CLA and then Wheaton College (he was also admitted by Northwestern and the University of Chicago), and the youngest one is in his senior year. People generally move to the North Shore because of the public schools, but we had entirely different values in mind. The Lord led us to CLA and we are extremely grateful to Him for that. CLA has been a huge blessing!"

--Hugo Dubovoy--


"As a mother of two boys who have been at CLA most of their school years, it has been the most rewarding and wonderful experience. They have grown to be well disciplined and good Christian young men. Several yours ago they had asked to go to public high school because they thought they might have better sports opportunities and I gave them the chance to try it out. They themselves decided that it wasn't the environment they wanted to be in. There were few peers that served the Lord or were interested in positive things. They would come home and talk to us about the type of conversations kids had, and how their vulgar language was so normal and natural to them. They were invited to do all the wrong things, smoke, drink, etc. But I have to say that I am thankful to CLA and its environment that they were surrounded with for so many years that taught them to be strong in their faith and as a person. They learned to make the right choices because not only do they come from a loving Christian home but they also are involved very much with their church and Bible study groups...

I have one son that graduated last year, in college now, and a junior still at CLA and I have to say I have a peace of mind knowing that he is in a good place with good people who care."

--Maritza Rivera--


"...The Lord has used the Academy to not only educate my three sons in the 3 R's, but our family in His faithfulness and love towrd us.

Our oldest son graduated in 2005 and we have two graduates this year - Joshua from 12th and Juan from 8th. We are grateful that our sons have received an education that has prepared them not only to read and write but to believe in a real God who proviedes for His children on all levels, at all times.

I prayerfully hope you are able to support the ministry here at Christian Liberty Academy. A pleace where young people are nurtured and trained to live out their Christianity for greater glory of God."

--Yolanda Pagán--



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