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"My daughter Brittany started CLA last year, for High School. Being a single working parent, I was so worried about the distance that she had to travel on the Metra especially when there were school activities. Since it was a new school for her, I wondered about the Teachers. Brittany has always been in a Christian School and I wanted to make sure that the new school could measure up to her old school, i.e. the teachers, curriculum etc. Well, CLA has not only measured up to her old school but has surpassed it. The Teachers are very caring. This isn't just a job for them but a ministry. They really love the kids and teaching them. They are very encouraging to the students. The Teachers, Office Staff, are letting God's light shine through them. Since it was a new school, the office staff walked us through everything and made the transition really easy. She has made great friends. The parents have been great helping getting Brittany to and from the Metra on special event days. It is like a family at CLA and we are happy and blessed to be a part of it."

--Darlene Voight--

"Enrolling my son, Matthew, in Christian Liberty Academy at the beginning of his sixth grade year continues to be one of the best and most fruitful desicions of my life. I continue to praise God for the education Matthew has received and for the godly teachers who so positively influenced his character, direction, and depth of academic and spiritual knowledge.

This is a particularly joyous time in our lives and I thought that you and your teaching staff might appreciate an update. Matthew graduated from Trinity International University in 2007 and from the University if Illinois-Springfield this May with a Master of Arts Degree in Public History... Throughout his college and graduate school years, Matthew often remarked that the study methods he learned and the work he completed at CLA gave him quite an advantage over students who had not received so thorough an education. It's been quite obvious for even longer than these college years that Matthew overcame the ADD and lerning disabilities labels and the low expectations that were given to him by the public schools of his elementary years. How I thank Christian Liberty for this!..

May God continuew to richly bless CLA."

--Suzanne G. Etzel--


"In 1983 I attempted to home-school my two sons. They were attending Salem Christian School in Chicago. Paul Lindstrom was the one who planted the seed. I went through the process with much resistance from the city of Chicago but put them in their place with the help of your literature and advise. Thaddeus was in 3rd grade and his brother Cameron was in 6th. It was a great leap into the unknown for me with much fear, apprehension, and uncertainty. I followed the structure and procedures and guidance I was given by your books and materials provided and pamphlets. It all unfolded and worked out as I adjusted to an orderly schedule and routine. Now that I look back I see the long lasting value of this attempt to school my sons. I was unable to continue after a year and a half but the impression that the joy of learning left on my sons is indelible. Thaddeus could not, nor did he want public school and rebelled. Years later he home schooled himself and received his GED. He followed that with Emergency Medical Training and worked for an ambulance company. He has been doing correspondence school for police and security for the past five years. He is surrounded by his books. His thirst for knowledge in the areas that he personally has chosen and loves, i.e. God's Word, the Bible, and a personal quest to develop his natural ability and desires, inspires him forward toward his goals. Cameron finished high school at Lane Tech and rebelled also. However,he,also pursued his hear natural gifts and took EMT and advance EMT which led him to the Fire Academy and his career on the Fire Department. Both boys were stimulated by the freedom of home-school and it's personal potential. I am thankful, in retrospect, of the seed planted in my mind when I first heard of home-schooling back there in 1983. My son's grades doubled upward just from that one and a half year of home-school with me. I wonder what they would be today had I been able by God's Grace to continue. Looking in my son's files tonight, I found a booklet titled, "HOME STUDY JOURNAL", Christian Liberty Press,1984. I read it and was amazed at the forewarning of Paul D. Lindstrom even back then. of the relentless growth of the philosophy of state education toward capturing and conditioning the minds of the youth. How insightful he was because of his fulness and belief in God's words of absolute truth. Such men of God are few. But the school is faithfully following the path he cleared by God's Grace for many young people to come. I found your web site tonight. How surprised I was at the wonderful work, and blessings from God in facilities. I wish I was a teacher. What lasting effort your faculty is accomplishing. What eternal, far-reaching impact they are having for good and God's testimony in this dark world Well, lest I go on and ramble, I will conclude with a heart full of gratitude. God be with your spirit. May the work be faithful to the end. May it remain untainted, pure, faithful, and protected from infiltration of God's enemy. May the minds, souls, and spirits of the teachers be clean, pure, and peaceful against the cares and influence of this world and it's systems of influence. May the youths trained there be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, determined to be faithful to their end. May they raise their children in the nurture and Grace of Christ. May Christ have the preeminence in all that is taught there. O Lord Jesus preserve your work and your people."

--Stanley F. Sroka Jr., October 2009-- 

"We feel Christian Liberty Academy has been a gift from God and we are so blessed to be here."

"The school provides excellent academy training as well as Christian education. Our kids were in 2nd and 4th grade. Unlike public schools where students may learn some computer skills which, we think, do more harm than good in their early childhood, they learned the basic block of writing, math and the other courses. The teachers can pay attention to each student due to small class size. The teachers are friendly, knowledgeable and responsible. We are very impressed with the homework assignments my children receive. They enjoyed the homework and learned a lot from it. My son joined the chorus group and really enjoyed it. The school is preparing our kids for college, while building their characters for life."

"My three sons, who graduated in 2003, 2006 and 2008 respectively, have been greatly educated about the importance of Jesus Christ and His word as it applies to all areas of life. Other schools maybe fancier and prettier or have more bells and whistles, but Christian Liberty Academy is at the top when comes to teaching children how to think not what to think. I thank God for this has changed my families life!" Thank you, CLA!

--Anonymous, 2005--


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