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Students' Testimonials - 2

"...CLA has honestly totally impacted my Christian lifestyle - or at least my best attempt at one. When I was younger, I really didn't have a relationship with God. I would see people who claimed to have one, but I couldn't really see them as being any more "Christian" than the people around them. It really wan't until eightt grade, when I first ahd Mr. Minell as a theacher,.. in his class, between the concepts he taught and the concepts that I actually still remember, built the foundation on which I began to start my Christian life. With a starting point, I was able to really start connecting with God. I could literally feel His presence with me when I talked to Him. The feeling was truly breathtaking...

Without CLA, I would be a contradiction to myself. I would not be the real me. I wouldn't have lived up to my full potential, and I may have never fully come to Christ. I am indebted to the teachers and the school for what they have given me."

--Phillip Roos--

"The mission of the school, to truly tend the roots of children to grow into strong Christian individuals, is what I feel has been true in my case. I started CLA at age 6, and learned phonics, reading, spelling, adding and subtracting, and most importantly, I learned to love the Bible form Mr. Sherman's Bible classes, where I memorized my verses and colored pictures of Moses, David and more. The first 3 or 4 years of school gave me a great founding academic and spiritual education that has carried me through the years. In fourth grade, school became more challenging, but the teachers at CLA are always more than willing to take out time and give you an extra hand. I began to really be challenged academically, and Bible classes became more personal, where we really came to learn what the Scriptures instructed about situations that occur around us daily... I also received the benefits of Bible, history, science and math classes that brought accountability to mind and taught you to view everything through a Godly perspective. I started doing sports at CLA, such as cheerleading and soccer, which push me physically and make me a stronger person, but along with giving me endurance, bring lots of fun with good friends, and teach that sportsmanship and a good Christian attitude count as much in the game as winning... I am learning things that really affect my life and my future, and being strengthened in my spiritual growth by the teachers, the students, the programs, and the classes, which are all centered on God, who truly gives all bases for wisdom and understanding..."

--Tessa Kramer--

"I love the fact that we can look forward to coming to a school and feeling safe in expressing our feelings and our passions. There are so many ways to experience spiritual growth, and Christian Liberty is an awesome way to help. Whether it be in Philosophy, where we are challenged to our limits about the Bible and God and the many different beliefs that we can freely share. Or whether in Biology, as we learn about God's awesome creativity in the way He designed our world and our bodies. Or it could be in Literature, where we can study and read about people's perseverance through the hard times; or even the fact that God created our minds to be able to think of the amazing stories and poems that we read every day. We can even feel God's work in us during lunch, where we have the opportunities to share our feelings about a huge variety of beliefs and know that we won't be judged. This school challenges me daily, and always forces me to take deep look at myself and the way I act... God is good, and I know He placed me here for a reason..."

--Keren Marsh--

"...CLA has instilled in me a good spirit and a trusting heart. Ever since the beginning, I have learned to put my faith in Jesus and not on my own strength. 

The academics at CLA are also great. The teachers are focused on the mindset that what they are doing is for the glory of the Living God, rather than themselves. Also there is a good relation between the student and the teacher. Plus, the teacher can speak of their belief and that strengthens the students faith..."

--Student at CLA--

"When I was in a public school my soul felt dead, because all I heard was swearing and sinful things everywhere I went. It felt like I wasn't as close to God as I should've been. It felt like a drag to go to school every morning, and my energy was always low, and I was always tired. But since I switched to CLA, the Christian environment boosts my energy and I can't wait to get to school every morning. And whenever I have to do work I'm glad to do it because it's for the Lord. Having tons of friends that all have the same values as me as a Christian, has boosted my confidence all the way up. It shows that God has a plan for my life and gives me joy in every moment of the day. That's why being around a Christian environment impacts my life in a great way..."

--Alex Russ--



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