Facility Rentals

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Christian Liberty Academy facilities are available for rent to non-profit organization/groups that are 401c3 year round, depending upon availability Monday through Saturday. The building is not available for rentals on Sundays.

Typical rooms available for public rental include our cafeteria, classrooms, gymnasiums and meeting rooms.

Child sized furniture is available in elementary schools, and adult size furniture is available in middle and high schools.

Facilities may be available for use after 6:30pm on school days, and on weekends from 8am-2pm during the school year. Summer rentals may be arranged.

Hourly fees are charged. (see below for rental costs)

Custodial overtime is charged when applicable.

For additional fees, a limited amount of equipment is available for rent, including TV/DVD, volleyball poles/nets, tables and chairs. 

To rent a facility, please contact Missy Bergquist at 1-847-385-2086 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rules and Regulations for Renters and Guests of Christian Liberty Academy

    1. No ball playing in the halls. This includes bouncing, kicking, or tossing the ball in the air.
    2. Do not open any locker.
    3. Do not touch the items posted on the outside of lockers or hanging on any of the walls.
    4. Keep voices down as you walk through the halls. The Pastor, school administration, many teachers and students work and study late inside the building. Classes are often held in the evening hours.
    5. Do not run in the halls.
    6. Do not use foul language anywhere in the building.
    7. Do not climb anywhere in the school or on the school property. This includes but is not limited to: stairway railings, closed bleachers, fences, basketball hoops and backboards, the stage, etc....
    8. Do not hang on the basketball nets / hoops.
    9. The Christian Liberty Academy is not responsible for guests belongings. Items such as a coat or a book-bag are permitted to be left in the hall during a practice or event, but please leave the items along the wall. Do not leave items in the center of the floor. At the end of each practice or event please make sure you clean up after yourself. CLA does have a lost and found. If you are missing an item please contact the security guard.
    10. Shoes must be worn inside the building at all times. Shoes that have wheels inside the shoes are not permitted in the building.
    11. No smoking is permitted on school property.
    12. Men / boys are never permitted inside the girls / womens locker rooms or bathrooms.
    13. Women / girls are not permitted inside the boys / mens locker rooms or bathrooms.
    14. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces.
    15. Renters / guests must pick up after themselves.
    16. Do not wander or “explore” the building. Please stay in the area that you have reserved / rented.
    17. No tape (not even the blue painters tape) is permitted on any of the gymnasium floors. The renter will be held responsible for any and all damages as a result of this. Christian Liberty Academy is private property and any individual or group can be made to leave the campus at any time if they appear to be a threat to the safety, security, or general welfare of the Academy and its guests.



To check for our facility rentals availability contact Missy Bergquist at 1-847-385-2086, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please call in before you make your booking to make sure the facilities are available for your chosen event date.

Fees per Hour:

Stack Gymnasium
Stack Gymnasium
Soccer and baseball use
Faith Gymnasium
Faith Gymnasium
Soccer and baseball use
Grace Gymnasium
No soccer or baseball use permitted
Upper Chapel
Upper Chapel with air conditioning
Track and Field
Track and Field with use of the score board
Cafeteria with use of the Kitchen
Fellowship Hall
Basement Chapel
Class break room
Custodial Charge
Additional Security Needed
$40.00 each additional

 Prices subject to change.