Christian Liberty Academy

A Message from the Superintendent

Bennett Philip

We thank God for the educational program He has allowed us to provide for thousands of students since our school system was organized in 1968. Our students attend many different churches, but all receive an education based on Christian principles and scholastic excellence.

Academics at the Academy are high. Students are continually scoring in the maximum national percentile. Classroom discipline is emphasized. Children are taught to have reverence for God, respect for parents, and a love for our nation's heritage.

The small class size, well-trained and dedicated teachers, the best textbooks, and proven learning techniques have enabled us to be of great scholastic help to even slower learners. Moreover, brighter students show advanced progress.

Students at the Academy are becoming stronger Christians. The Christian teachers take time to help their students and give them care and counsel which is always consistent with the Christian view of life.

Our program stresses the basic traditional philosophy of education (reading, writing, and arithmetic) and teaches Christian principles which relate to every subject in the school curriculum. We are desirous of developing and bringing to maturity - for the glory of God - the powers, skills, attitudes, and capacity of growing personalities.


-Dr. Phillip Bennett          
Superintendent of Schools

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